Friday, January 7, 2011

1st night at Dance Class

                   The girls had their first night at Dance Class in September!  They loved it.  Reace tore a hole in her tights.  Her response to me was "Mommy, it kept on getting bigger and bigger!"  After discovering the floor to ceiling full wall mirror, the first thing Aryee does is . . .  you guessed it!--  Climbing on the bars.  That kid is always finding a way to go up!!!

Cany Cane Lane to Gingerbread Village

                  Paul, JD, Reace, Aryee & I built this little Gingerbread Village.  (Quint fell asleep before we got started!)  We had a blast.  When it became so messy, Paul had the greatest idea to line the Lane with icing so that we could use all the left over pieces!  It turned out so beautiful.  We even used some old Halloween candy that had not been eaten for light posts!  The kids got to eat some of the leftover icing right from the bag with Daddy's help (and Mommy watching to make sure Daddy didn't get carried away with filling their mouths up!)  We even had a photo shoot with some Halo toys--that can be viewed on Paul's facebook.  Once we had a few photos, we let them eat any house of their choice.  Then Paul and JD had another photo shoot with the Halo toys to show their destruction on the Village.  Making a Gingerbread house had defiantly become one of our traditions!


                                SMORES night!!!  It was really amazing!  First time the kids have ever made Smores!  It was a beautiful night.  It looks so cozy and warm buy the fire, but what you don't know is that it was 75 degrees and we had a fan blowing on us so we wouldn't get so hot!!!  LOVE it!

Advent Calendar for Christmas 2010

                 This was our count down calendar to Christmas this year! The kids each had an ornament the girls had ballerinas and the boys had snowmen.  Starting on the 1st of December, every night had a little note inside containing a topic to discuss or something to do or someone to pray for.  Each bag also contained 4 Hersey kisses one for Quint, one for JD, one for Reace, and one for Aryee!
Some examples:  Decorate for Christmas and Pray for our focus to be on JESUS.  Bake some yummy treats for friends.  Find a way to serve someone you love.  Find a way to serve someone you don't even know.  Build a Ginger Bread House.  Wrap presents and pray for them as you wrap their gift!  Let's make smores!  If you could give any present to any person, who and what would it be?  Pray for our community!  Watch Rudolf!  Pray for our family!
               Every night we read a portion of the Christmas Story and then discussed what was happening.  It was really amazing to watch the kids really understand why Jesus came and why we celebrate HIS birth!  One of the things THEY decided to do with some of their Christmas money was to buy brand new blankets for the homeless.  They were so excited to pick it out, pay for it, and were constantly looking for someone to give it too.  We told them that if we didn't find anyone, Mr. Adam would know where to take them.  He is an amazing guy in our community that serves the homeless. 
God was so Faithful to lead us and guide us through the Christmas season to show us ways to Honor HIM and celebrate the true meaning of Christmas!  Our prayer now is that we could walk with HIM every day of every month listening to what HE says and what HE is doing right now!!!  He is so Loving and I am so blessed to call HIM Father!