Thursday, November 3, 2011

The Carport

Our Back Yard!!!

I saved the best for last!!!
our oasis

foot path around pool

I love my twisted-trunk trees

one of our queen palms--they are so tall

back gate that leads to carport

our carport

Our Attic

stairs leading to the attic 

door that leads to the attic

old stairs leading into the attic

Attic windows and awesome roof line

front attic windows

old attic stairs going down

Our Living Room

our living room -- excuse the mess 

our stained glass windows in the living room

from the door looking at attic stairs

looking down at the living room from attic stairs

Kids'/Guest Bath

Kids' Bath from hallway

claw foot tub & shower

stain glass above door

tub and sink

turning more to the right

my favorite:  the tub faucet

Our Family Closet

entering our closet from our room

the middle of our closet

the middle of the closet higher up

Mommy and the girls' side of the closet

Daddy and the boys' side of the closet

Our Laundry Room

1st set of bi-fold doors

2nd set of bi-fold doors past ladder with area for stand up freezer

behind the 1st set of doors--it's my work space!  I love it!

our back door

pull down ironing board

the Best Washer and Dryer EVER!!!