Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Destin Family Pictures

         Here's our 1st attempt at family photos on the beach!  Thanks to Nonna!  a few lessons learned--like let your camera warm up to the temperature so you're not fighting a foggy lens & you can't really plan the weather so be quick before the huge storm rolls in : )

Go, Go, Go

    Aryee going 
 fast with Daddy!!! 
trying to catch Mommy and Quint


            ALL    ABOARD!!! 

Aryee wanted to ride Stripes!!!

Reace found a beautiful horse-e to ride!!! 

         Daddy and JD racing : )
 Quint's 1st time driving!


            Airplanes . . . 

    Bumper CARS!!!

Aryee finds a giraffe.


JD & Reace get to drive
Another Zebra was spotted (or is it stripped) !!!