Thursday, February 3, 2011

Landry Christmas

so much fun . . .

hanging out by the fire . . .

Christmas Morning!!!

Waking Up!!!


Opening Presents . . .
I love
that JD is 
so Happy 
to watch 
Reace  open
her present.

Halo Toys . . .

the doll house . . .

the girls . . .

the boy's legos . . .

so cool!!!

Christmas Eve at Mamaw Carol's and Papa Sal's House

This is truly one of my favorite new photos!  Lauren, you and Pete are beautiful!  And Austin is so loving,
on top of being so Handsome!!!
Mamaw Carol and Papaw Sal--you are amazing people!!! Your love spreads to so many! 

              Quint, JD, and Reace enjoying the presents!  The anticipation is almost too much--I can't tell you how many times they asked, "Is it time for presents yet?"  Mamaw is incredible in her ability to give gifts.  I don't know how she does it.  She can pick the right size exactly, and it's always your style!  We are so blessed by knowing them.  Thank YOU, God, for blessing us with amazing family!

Aryee with her present.