Monday, August 8, 2011

Entering Through The Front Door

Foyer BEFORE  (this is the front door)

Foyer --Almost AFTER : )
You can see we are still working in here.  This photo is with my back to the front door .  You can see straight into the kitchen.
This is a pew from the chapel that Paul's Papaw Foti had built for St. Jude.  : ) 

Foyer view from Kitchen looking towards front door.
Please don't ask what color is on the wall because it doesn't look anything like the sample.  We are happy with it now, but it was crazy, with this much lighting, how different the colors looked on the full wall verses a small 2ft by 2ft square


               We are beyond blessed by our new home.  After planning to build a home for over a year, this is what God had in store for our family.  HE is so faithful and amazing to provide.  HE goes above and beyond our needs even providing details we wanted.   Like a "dishwasher" Oh, how I do praise HIM for a dishwasher!!!  And the windows, oh, the windows!!!

This is the front of our new home.

lovely Magnolia tree in front right!!!

view from the front left

another view from the left

the porch wraps around on the left side of the house

the porch ends at an entrance to our room

view of house from right side

bay window from the outside of formal living room

side of the house; sweet olive tree

the carport

moving onto the front porch now

the front door

the steps and the front door

front door

the right side of the front porch

the left side of the front porch

the perfect corner porch swing
       May we praise HIM in all things!!! Even if our house burned down, HE is Still faithful to be praised.          
                               So, we will enjoy it while we are stewards of this 130 year old home!