Wednesday, November 2, 2011

The Girls' Room

this is looking down from the Reace's loft bed; the door on the right leads to the foyer

same area; looking more to the left; this door leads to the hall---across that hall is their bathroom; to the left in the hallway is our room.

one more shot

the full corner shot; wrapping us around the room

continuing to move left, you can see their window and dresser; the door on the left is the boys' room

Aryee's toddler bed with Reace's loft bed over it

there's Reace in her loft bed

we had to take a pic of her animals

the ladder from Aryee's perspective

a bit fuzzy, but this is what Aryee sees when she looks up

One of my favorite shots!!!
the floors are beautiful!!!

An old entertainment center from some friends of ours--perfect height for their dollhouse!

side view;  a place to display their beautiful tiaras made by a friend of mine @   She's amazing!  We have some beautiful little girl dresses we purchased from her as well!

one more great pic!  from the hallway looking through the girls' rm into the boys' rm

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