Wednesday, November 2, 2011

The School Room/Formal Living

the front door is on the right; this is our formal living/school room

you can see the height of the windows better in this shot

moving across the room to the left; you can see the front porch through the windows; and across the street-Gramps and Granny's old church.

I couldn't get the whole wall in one shot; so here's 2 to make almost one.

moving left across the room

you can see the school items starting

I can't believe I'm putting this one here due to the messiness!  But this room is beautiful ; the bay windows & arch at the top.  [We are still moving ladders, scaffolds, & dollies around.  AND it looks like the girls destroyed a pink notepad on the table. ha/ha!!!]

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  1. may be my favorite! you can see G & G's old church from your front windows?!?!?! so cool!